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9 responses to “Duck Season Opener 2009”

  1. Sporting Days

    Congratulations on a great Sunday shoot. That’s a fine strap of ducks. I hunted Yolo on Sunday and it was a gw teal and spoonie fest.

  2. Holly Heyser

    “Specklebelly geese call to each other with a high-pitched ululation; it sounds like they each ate a small Bedouin woman.”


  3. Josh

    Holly, I liked that one, too.

    Hank, wasn’t I supposed to sign some form of waiver for that photo? Kidding. Hopefully, you’ll get some extra hits from people with an ugly fetish.

    You can add that the snipe was 55 yards out, and I hit it with my .410. It’s not true, but you can add it.

  4. Desmond

    Good luck on grouse hunting the leaves have been really holding on making for some rough hunting.

  5. Josh

    Hank, that’s because I only put three pellets in those handloads.

  6. Sporting Days

    Hank….I hunted Yolo’s Blind 10 solo on Sunday. I should have limited out — Yolo was thick with ducks for the first hour of shoot time, mostly spoonies and teal as far as I could tell. I was set up all wrong for the morning flight, however, and forgot my spinning wing. But managed to readjust and scratch down four greenwing teal by the time morning flight dried up. It was fun. Ponds looks great.

    Looks like your shooting benefited from all the Canada action. That makes a big difference — just to have that much real-world practice on actual ducks. Your season is off to a great start.

  7. Live to Hunt

    Hank, sounds like most of us on the opener. I had to work Saturday (grrr), but me and the hunting partner headed out Sunday. Shot 5 greenheads between us, but overall very, very slow. Hard to duck hunt when the morning is so still and quiet. Not much shooting around us either. Good job.

  8. Xavier

    Opener is always a good one Hank!! I had to get up at 12:45am, fill the coffee thermos, pick up my buddy and make it to the check station by 3am. We didn’t get on in the morning, so we went back to the truck to sleep a little more. We don’t have many options in SoCal you know. Woke up and I made a full Irish Breakfast. Finally got on at 1pm and shot until 3pm. It was my anniversary, so I had to get home at a decent hour! I put in for 6 NorCal refuges – fingers crossed.

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