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8 responses to “Making Wine and Riding the Dragon”

  1. Josh

    You could get your Zin on, too. Down a bottle of that stuff, and you’ll feel a lot more relaxed about the things you can’t handle… except, maybe your new drinking problem.

    That crock is really, really cool.

    As for Holly, are you sure she isn’t cracked?

  2. Christine Anderson

    This is a beautifully poetic post.

    My friends consider me off the edge about a lot of things, but you far surpass me.

    Thanks for this look into your wine making. I know when you sit down to drink some at dinner one night that it will be special as long as it is drinkable!

  3. Jen

    You’re hitting my hometown for goose season!

    Welcome to Canada, and I shall look for you in the crowds.

    Bring rain gear, a parka and shorts. The weather can’t make up its mind right now.

  4. Steve

    At least you have been able to drink your “grapes.” Ours has been used as vinegar on salads, though some have said good vinegar.

    Wonderful post about the skills and worries of a wine maker.

    Steve in Central CA

  5. Karen

    Interesting post. I’ll look forward to your taste test!

  6. Ben

    Chaptalization is not legal in commercial wines in California, but it is legal (though decreasingly common) in Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Oregon, among other regions

  7. Kevin

    I’m very, very envious that you can grow those varietals and are already in cropping maturity. My day will be clouded with envy.

  8. Buzzie

    Alas, alas, I am late catching up to you. Our grapes were a calamity this year. Too cold, too much rain, not enough sun, uneven ripening, sour grapes – and then, to cap it off a flock of starlings came and stripped the vines bare. I ran out and tied a shiny gas balloon near the remaining vines to scare them off and that worked – I recommend it. We made grape juice out of what was left. Maybe a quart. Sigh.

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