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19 responses to “Spring Porcini Madness”

  1. Dana Tommasino

    Oh my God how beautiful is all of this? $30 a pound indeed, and totally worth it it looks like. I love your writing, can taste every one of these dishes…

  2. matt wright

    LOVING this homage to the mushroom. The lacquered porcini look so good!

    Love how you just dropped in a pigs foot.. as you do.

  3. Heather

    Wild mushroom ragout with grilled polenta is one of my favorite things. I do mine with chanterelles in the fall.

    Porcini are a good five hour drive for me (I haven’t found better than the Rogue Nat’l Forest), so I hear you on splurging on spendy farmer’s market ‘shrooms.

  4. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife

    You know, I’ve never been all that crazy about mushrooms. But I believe I could join right in with you in devouring a pound of those laquered porcinis. Well done, sir!

  5. Charlotte

    We’re not having much luck with morels this spring (well, some, but not lots) but I did find a couple of big clusters of oyster mushrooms this weekend. I’m cooking them down right now, and planning to pressure can them this year (instead of freezing). They were big, so they can take a fair amount of stewing … and here’s hoping this cool rain we’re getting right now will bring up another batch of morels.

  6. J.R. Young

    Heading up for some porcini hunting this weekend. We spent the two weekend prior to Memorial Day in the Sierra hunting morels with fantastic success (around 25lbs), and found one porcini. Rumor has it the porcinis are popping and they are coming through in good numbers.

  7. Josh

    If you think about it, I’ll bet your whole meal came down to $40-$50, or $25 a plate (not counting work time). And you didn’t have to leave a 20% tip! While not a deal, it is the same you would have paid for a nice meal out, and you got to cook it yourself and write about it. You win.

  8. Lynn

    While the porcinis look wonderful, the lamb bresacola makes my mouth water! You’ve gotta go into charcuterie business and sell it Hank!

  9. ntsc

    And how much is fois gras going for?

  10. Scampwalker

    Ok, Hank… you’ve alluded to it a couple of times… talk about the gas grill. Inquiring minds want to know! Loved the post, by the way.

  11. Lang

    Well, I just spent $28 on one ingredient too. Granted, it was Copper River sockeye that fed four of us plus the kids, but I catch yer drift. Spending that much on mushrooms just seems wrong. On the other hand, you couldn’t get spring porcini most places until recently, thanks to our industrious foragers, and now that it’s a hot ticket it’s expensive. Price should come down as the season goes on. Up here we’re just starting to get the porcini flush. Might try to sneak out tomorrow. More likely next week. Will definitely try your soy technique. Everything looks delicious.

  12. Barbara

    You hit the nail on the head- mushrooms are the best- I eat them every day of my life- usually in an omelet. Cannot always afford the ones I want to buy even though they are now available here. I well remember hunting morels, in May, in Michigan and having my mother fry up a huge panful for lunch. (And she made jellied pig’s feet too.)

  13. Josh

    Yep, I ate ‘soft roe.’ And, I went running down the hall & giggling like a school girl, telling my wife with pride that Hank Shaw called me a brave eater.

  14. adele

    Sounds like it was worth every penny of the $28. :)

  15. Chef Apprentice

    Cheaper just to eat your porcini at Oliveto!

  16. J.R. Young

    We’re looking at Shasta around July, the Sierra’s in the next couple of weeks. We’re still very new to the ‘shroom foraging here in CA so we’ll see how it goes. I’m headed out on my first pig hunt this weekend, pretty excited, but it does take away from a weekend of ‘shroom hunting. The dilemna’s I have!

  17. Lou


    I don’t know if you look at comments on old posts, but if you do, can you link me to the Hank’s Lacquered Porcini recipe (assuming that you ever got around to writing it down “formally”.



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