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7 responses to “Pheasant and Pomegranate”

  1. Lang

    That looks really tasty! One thing you can say about those country-club pheasants is they live well while it lasts, and that translates into some good flavor.

  2. Chef KPH

    Looks delicious. The sauce sounds tasty.

  3. Murasaki Shikibu

    Love this recipe. It sounds really delicious. Animal fat (from a healthy animal) is ambrosia.

  4. Doc Green

    About crisping fowl skin:
    This might sound odd but give it a try.
    After cooking/smoking. Dry the skin. Use a brush to glaze the bird with your fave Jelly/Jam or simple reduced sugar & water. Then use a butain tourch to “touch” color and crispness on.


  5. Kevin

    Off-topic…Manitoba heh? I’ve never been hunting out there – it’s about a 12 hr drive from here to Winnipeg. The geese just arrived back here last week, poor birds. We’re getting 6 inches of snow today.

  6. adele

    Mmm. Sounds glorious.

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