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12 responses to “Italian Wild Boar Liver Sausages”

  1. Kindred spirit

    This looks awesome.
    Hank, in your experience, how diligent do we need to be in looking for parasites in the livers of swine and cervids? (Or any of the other organ meats for that matter.)

  2. adele

    These look incredible. I love liver sausage – give me a loaf of crusty bread, and I could probably polish off an entire string in one sitting. :)

  3. Jon

    That sounds SO tasty. I used to love liver as a kid – I know, weird…

  4. Phillip

    Well, kick my skepticism down the trail! I don’t care a lot for liver, and after having liver pudding and many other such delights forced down my neck as a kid, I didn’t think I’d care for this stuff… but I’m glad I pushed my preconceptions aside and gave it a go, because this stuff was great!

    Definitely rich, but not at all “liver-y”.

    Good stuff, Hank!

  5. Núria

    Hola Hank!
    You keep on surprising me boy! Hunting instead of going to the market to buy the meat, and making your own sausages… these are really exotic things to me 😀

    I wonder… why almond wood?

  6. Sam Sotiropoulos

    Hank, these sausages sound amazing! I love wild boar, and though I have never heard of these particular sausages I would gladly wolf several of these down with some of your zinfandel! :)

  7. Christine

    Hey Hank

    Is it OK if the liver and pork were previously frozen?


  8. John

    Would this work with venison liver?

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