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10 responses to “Sykomaitha: Greek Fig Cakes”

  1. Peter

    Great dessert Hank and one I’m not familiar with. I have everything available except fig leaves!

    As you know, fresh figs are always best eaten “as is” so this would have to be a winter dessert.

    I’m not sure what other Ouzo is available down there but look for smaller brands, like Plomari…not as sweet as “12” and it’s a purer product.

  2. NorCal Cazadora

    I can testify: They were delicious with ouzo – a combination responsible for derailing my productivity on Sunday afternoon. But I agree they’d make a fantastic winter food. I also thought they’d be great to take hunting – compact and calorie-dense. Sans ouzo, of course.

  3. Sam Sotiropoulos

    Sykomaitha… it’s been a while since I’ve had these… They were my grandfather’s favourite field snack! Well done Hank!

  4. Debbie

    Are the fig leaves edible ? If so how do you fix them?

  5. Jeffery

    Where do you get fig leaves, if you’re sans fig tree?

  6. Fig season and lady peas

    […] I’ve got orders for fig oat bars and fig and coconut truffles. I’m studying sun-dried sykomaitha from Corfu. I’m hustling a new goat’s milk trade in time for fig and ricotta ice cream […]

  7. Lili

    Did you cook your chicken on the engine block on your way to the cabin? That works too! :~)


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