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12 responses to “Cretan Olives with Seville Oranges”

  1. Ken Harris

    When we lived in Spain we used to cure our own olives. Not much to it. Slashed each olive once. Soaked them in water. Changed the water twice daily until most of the bitterness leached out. Then finish how you wish. No fuss, no muss, no lye. How did you finish yours?

  2. Peter

    Much like Ken, just patience and a changing of the water daily should do the trick. Any bitterness is usually gone after a month.

  3. Maryann

    In the olive curing arena I will always opt for a long slow cure. I’ve tried any number of shortcuts without success. Your Seville treatment sounds intriguing :)

  4. Elise

    These I would very much like to try.

  5. auntie katkat

    Oh my I have an olive tree outside my bedroom window and live 50 miles from Seville so I have bookmarked this for next years crop and do not be surprised if i blog about this next Summer. I can hardly wait

  6. Mary

    I’ve found this post about a year ago and I decided to try the advice…let me tell you..if you follow this post and do the steps, you’ll have some unbelievably good tasting olives.

    I’m not a huge olive fan, but these are just incredible…the taste is sooo good.

    I thought to stop and say a quick thanks since I didn’t have the time in the past. My husband is addicted to these olives now…and I think I am too. They’re just so tasty!

  7. Kristina Egyed

    Hi Hank
    Great article! I absolutely love olives and your recipe with the seville orange juice sounds spectacular. I love the versatility of olives – such rich little treats!

  8. ryan

    Great Article!. I would definitely try your recipes,

  9. Melissa Ricks

    The recipe sounds delicious, thank you for sharing it here :)

  10. Melissa Ricks


    Have you tried the recipe? How’s the taste? Just curious…

  11. Diana

    I took your advice last year and made some of these wonderful olives…had green ones sent from nocal to Nebraska! At any rate, I made those seville orange olives from Diane Kochilas also and was wondering how long they last. Surely the orange juice is bad by now? I made them a year ago.

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