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12 responses to “Grilled Fish Collars”

  1. Kevin

    I’m a fan of collar. And last year I had my first go at deep fried rock cod fin, and share your enthusiasm about a well prepared fin. Who would have thought they could be so crispy and good?

  2. Buzzie

    Being one of the lucky sisters I can attest to the deliciousness of the collar. The texture was different from a fillet; tender, flaking into long strips with a somewhat mild scallop flavor.

  3. Buzzie

    Oh, and Thanks Hank!!

  4. Taster A

    We have a local delicacy here in Gloucester, MA know as cheeks. They are rather difficult to come by, but they were described to me in the same way. Ours would be haddock. The cheeks are said to be very sweet.

  5. Andrew H.

    Sorry, being an angler, I can’t help but to say there is no such fish as Yellowtail tuna.
    On the food note, I love the collar too, those from cod fish over 20 lbs are also extremely good.

  6. Andrew H.

    I go to Helen H. @ Cape Cod once a year on one of their Marathon trips. Usually, there will be a few of the cod/hake/pollack over 20 lbs (but not the pool winner). Upon cleaning, these heads/neck/bones will be dumped. I make sure the mate leave as few for me. This is how I get them

  7. Joe Flores

    What a delicacy! The lingcod collars have a smoky taste when grilled perfectly
    over high heat. I love this recipe!

  8. Martha

    Halibut cheeks!!!!! Sooo good. Brought a bunch home from Alaska and was thrilled.
    Ever try swordifsh collar? That’s how I got hooked on collar. Now I will save the striped bass collar as well – but they are a tough piece to fillet….Like the idea of kitchen shears.
    Thanks for the reipe- will try freezing them now

  9. Margherita

    What should you eat them with? Rice,salad any ideas?

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