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13 responses to “Smoked Canada Goose Sausage”

  1. Kevin

    They do indeed look fantastic!
    I feel for you on the goose hunt. Makes me realize how spoiled I am.

    Thanks for doing this. I’ll be giving the duck version a go sometime early in the new year.

  2. Andrew

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve bagged two Canadian geese this year but can’t figure out how to clean them to get the most. I must confess that I’ve only breasted them out. Do you have step by step directions? Cut here, pull all these off, now cut hear? I would love to do more with my birds but can’t find enough info about cleaning them.

  3. RAY

    Just found your site, I like it! Will try the smoked sausage this season. I have always used the legs in a stew, but will try them your way, just so much work for so little meat. I too am spoiled, in Massachusetts we hunt the golf course, always our limit of 10# birds so we only breasted them out. Up here in “Down East” me. I have a blind 60′ from my back door & call-em in, from the bay, these too are 9-10# birds, & breasted, the rest go to the eagles! I don’t think its worth it to pluck & roast. An avid duck/goose hunter from the S.S. of Ma. passed his recipe to me & its a hit with everyone I have passed it to. If you would like it e-mail me. RAY.

  4. royboy

    Easy way to clean geese nicely is to take to Amish neighbors and give them a buck per goose to clean and pluck and let them keep the feathers for pillows.

  5. Julie

    You’re my hero. I’ve loved your site for some time now, but this takes it to a new level. I’ve been struggling with exactly what on earth to do with the breast meat of 25 snow geese for a couple of months now. Had always wondered if I could make sausage out of it, and you answered my question! I can’t wait to get started – snow goose isn’t my favorite. Maybe this will change that feeling!

  6. Julie

    Not sure if you’ll see this comment or not, but what temp should I set my smoker at? And do I use water, or am I dry smoking them? (Forgive me if these are stupid questions. I’m still learning how to best use my smoker!)

  7. Erica

    I found this recipe on your website after my husband brought home 11 Canada Geese and I was overwhelmed! it ended up very good but this being my first time butchering wild geese and first time grinding wild geese and first time making sausage I had a lot to learn!
    1) the meat must be just shy of frozen, seriously!
    2) when working in bulk you are buying a Massive amount of fresh rosemary
    3) do not over stuff the sausage it will burst, you, will cry
    but thank you so much for the recipe

  8. Peter Mitchell

    Hi! Very much enjoy your blog. I wonder if you’d include a Canada’s own skin/fat in these sausages?

  9. Brad

    I know this is an old thread but thought I’d check in anyway – I’m wondering what you think about combining the meat from geese and ducks into a single grind for sausage making. My hope is to make some spickgans from the goose breast, smoke the duck breasts or make prosciutto, and then use all the leftovers to make some sausage.

    It seems like the flavors would meld well together but I don’t have much experience with duck and goose. Whaddyathink?

  10. Chris

    Having never made sausage of any kind previously, I gave this recipe a shot to consume some of the Canada goose breasts we have in the freezer. Due to my lack of experience, I had marginal expectations, but this recipe turned out really well. Mine doesn’t look quite as consistent as the pics due to issues with my stuffer, but flavor and texture are very good. I will be doing this again soon, just as soon as we’ve eaten the first batch.

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