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8 responses to “Smothered by Sunchoke Salad”

  1. Kevin

    This is an ingredient I NEVER see around here. I’ve wanted to cook with them for a while, but honestly, I don’t know where I’d even buy one, or even anybody that grows them.

  2. KAB

    We can get them pretty much year-round her in PDX at our locally-owned and fantastic New Seasons stores. And the addition of persimmons to the salad is a very nice touch. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Garrett

    Never seen ‘em, never used ‘em. But intrigued by them, none the less. ;)

  4. Buzzie

    Yes and beware – these things are hard to leave your garden – meaning that you will be blessed with fartichokes for many seasons to come without a thorough sifting of the area! But, you knew that already.

  5. Charlotte

    To prevent farting, add a pinch of asfoetida powder during the frying stage. Asfoetida is used in Indian cookery. It smells vile raw, but with frying changes to a pleasant savoury aroma like onions or garlic

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    My yard has been overtaken by Jerusalem artichokes! They have pushed all my other flowers out, and this year just a few cone flowers managed to find a few inches of space to grow. I guess I will have to pull them all up, one by one. Strange tho, I don’t see any “tubers” on them, when I pull them up. the plant has been identified by our local Cornell Cooperative office. They should know.

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