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10 responses to “A Proper Salad”

  1. suburban bushwacker



  2. Loo

    thanks for the salad tips! but I must disagree with the iceberg hatred. a crisp wedge topped with red wine vinegar dressing and point reyes blue cheese is very refreshing indeed. . .

  3. Kevin

    That’s a comprehensive list – someone’s done their homework.

    I’ve always preferred my salads with ‘greens’ and a simple dressing. Strawberries, oranges, cucumbers, etc have their places, my salad not being one of them. One exception, is the standard French ‘salade composée’ – maybe it’s cause of the egg.

  4. Katie Katz

    Ahhh, you’re my Hero, salad man!

  5. Andrea

    Your writing just keeps getting better and better. (Not that it was ever less than good.)
    I’m just sayin’.

  6. Claire

    About the iceburg- I was just telling a friend in line at the salad bar that it is probably left over from the 60’s boycott, but I still avoid iceburg whenever possible.

  7. Claire

    question-what do you think of the leucanthemum vulgare or oxeye daisy greens?

  8. matt

    Hanks Law might sound like some strange physics equation, but in reality it is a pretty darn decent law to live by! I treat salads much like pizzas – keep it simple, and use really good quality ingredients. I quite honestly eat a simple french green salad (butter lettuce, chive/parsley/dill/chervil with a vinaigrette pretty much every day, and never get bored.

    Oh, and I hate under-seasoned salads.

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